We strive to accommodate all your dental needs by providing you with the newest and most functioning equipment.

We ensure that your visit is smooth and comfortable, yet up to universal and medical standards.

Our goal is to make you feel at ease while we guide you through the dental care process.

With the latest dental technology we are able to quickly assess what issues our patients are facing and identify precisely the course of treatment needed.

Dexis IS 3700 - intraoral scanner

The Dexis IS 3700 is a dental intraoral scanner that offers high-performance scanning, smart-shade matching automatically detects the enamel color of the scan area to identify the ideal match for optimum restorative outcomes:

  1. Features hybrid scan capabilities, enabling the dentist to merge a partial impression with a digital in vivo scan into a single file
  2. Provides a clearer view of the live scan, thanks to more scan space real estate
Dexis IS 3700 Intraoral Scanner

Carestream CS 8200 - extraoral imaging

The Carestream CS8200 is a 4-in-1 extraoral imaging system that includes 2D panoramic, CBCT, 3D object scanning and optional cephalometric imaging.

A proven and versatile CBCT system featuring an extended field of view that is ideal to expand the treatment capabilities. Powered by premium imaging technologies and software, the CS 8200 3D delivers superb image quality in all modalities and helps offering more in-office services.


At 75 microns, the CS 8200 3D delivers ultra-high resolution images with reduced image noise while preserving clinical details.


Carestream CS 1500 - intraoral camera

The intraoral camera, allows dentists to make more accurate diagnoses and deliver precise, true-to-life images with each and every shot. The camera’s true autofocus works like the human eye to intuitively focus according to the distance between the camera and the filmed object and the 8-LED lighting system automatically adjusts to the current lighting conditions to optimize illumination and contrast levels.

Such sharp, clear visuals make patients understand their options easily and get educated on what needs to be done.