Save $1,410 on Dental Implants!

Promotional price : $3,990*
The PROMOTION includes :
√ Dental implant and crown
√ Laser intra-oral scanner and Computerized 3D tomographic scanner
The objectif is to determine the exact location of the implant and the surgical guide for the procedure. If your jawbone has not developed normally, you may require a bone graft to build up the bone, this will be determined at the first visit.

(Regular Price $5,400)

* Bone grafting not included in the promo price

Save $2 100 on Spark Aligners!

Promotional Price $5 900.
Made with TruGen, the latest innovation in clear material, Spark aligners are clearer, more comfortable, and stainless .

(Regular Price $8000)

Complete Exam and Cleaning!

Promotion Price: $229

The PROMOTION includes :
  Complete exam
  Full mouth x-rays
(Regular Price $425)

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1. All promotions are effective until August 31st, 2024.